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Arrived at work, bright and early, only to discover I had forgotten I'm supposed to be working this evening (payment for a shift a coworker covered for me so I could take the NC trip). But I just can't go back home. No point; I've still my regular shifts to do, including a morning one starting at 10:30. And to top it off, much of my dinner break is co-opted as well. An instruction session I have to teach to a chemistry class: Chem 3000, Introduction to Chemical Literature. I always get this class; the biology classes as well (later this week).

Somewhere along the line I became known as having an interest in science, rather than an interest in science fiction. Not really the same thing.

Writing news: Eight day rejection from Lenox Avenue.

Update: Blink. Well, this is cool indeed. The new iMac. Not that I really need one, but still.