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Mail brought almost a dozen political flyers (God, I can't wait for the Tuesday primary to come and go) and my Strange Horizons membership card, which I'd completely forgotten I'd be getting. Unlike the unforgable SFWA membership card, this one features Frank Wu artwork of a sea serpent attacking a battleship. The battleship is taking umbrage with this, blazing away with its guns. The sea serpent seems quite surprised, judging by the expression on its face. I can't see why; that's pretty much the first thing they teach you at the Naval Academy. Don't let a sea serpent sink your ship, or all the other captains will make fun of you. No one will come up to you afterwards and say, "Yeah, the same thing happened to me once." It's true.

Having just finished Nick's enjoyably freaky (and highly recommended) Move Under Ground, I've decided to next read War of the Oaks, simply because of this brief conversation. That and it's on my shelf waiting to be read.