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It Begins

Lisa's new job, that is. She trooped off with a smile on her face. Woo! Huzzah! Etc! As for me, I went also back to work today. Not so exciting, but there you go. Not much happened while I was gone, which is pretty much the way you want it. Okay, there was a catastrophic power failure Tuesday night that seems to have fried one machine, but that's about it. Two more weeks until the end of summer classes.

Currently Reading: Legends II, the sequel to that summer blockbuster hit of a few years ago, Legends. And while it's an obvious attempt to capitalize upon the original's $48 million opening weekend, it's still pretty good. Got some old friends: John Rhys-Davies reprising his excellent portrayal of George R. R. Martin, as well as Ed Norton's puckish Tad Williams and a new Robert Silverberg (Christopher Lee, a swell improvement over the originally miscast George Carlin). And some new characters as well (the relatively unknown Gerard Butler's Neil Gaiman is excellent). Overall, I'm enjoying it tremendously.