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Hansen Solo

Day 2 of Lisa's job has come and gone and all is still good! Woo! Well, there is one downside: since she's just started the new job, she's got pretty much no vacation time at all. And by that I mean no vacation at all, aside from predesignated holidays.

Which means, she can't go to World Fantasy Con with me in October.

Which means, I've got an extra membership I need to resell. Any takers? I'm marking it down from the original asking price of $125 to the bargain price of $99.95! It's quite a savings! And no, I'm not kidding. Squirt me an email if you're interested. Note: travel, hotel, meal and liquor expenses are still your problem. I's just getting you in the door.

Here, some cheap web-based entertainment for you: Spider-Man 2, performed entirely with Legos™.