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Beware Lake Pirates

Lisa and I are back from our vacation. Went up to Lake Lure in North Carolina for a few days and had a fabulous time. Highlight was renting a pontoon boat for a few hours and roaring about on the water, while occasionally looking over at Lisa and saying "Arr!" Highly recommended, especially the "Arr" part. We also got to swing by Charlotte to see my brother Paul and spend some time with him. To sum up: fun.

Returned last night to find a 3 month form rejection from Amazing Stories, a box of books from Nightshade, and a lot of politically themed junk mail. Happily I'm not going back to work until Monday, so I've got more time to lounge about in a truly indolent fashion.

Reading: Read a couple library books on vacation, The Dragon Quintet and Emerald Magic. Now reading Artificial Things, a Karen Joy Fowler short fiction collection.