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Well, Holy Crap

This is a bit surprising: Congress working on legislation to restart the draft in 2005. Here's the text for the House's version (the Senate's is very similar). Highlights include drafting men and women, no college deferments, and no bolting to Canada, thanks to recent homeland security improvements.

I'm trying to picture my sister-in-law getting called up. Brain keeps asking if this is supposed to be a black comedy.

Been spending my weekend cleaning up after a sick cat. I'd like to recommend Fantastik Oxy as fantastic at getting stains out of carpet.

Update: Much more observant eyeballs than mine have pointed out that all the sponsors for these bills were Democrats. So why does my first link, congress.org, blame this on BushCo.? According to the Socialists and the Libertarians, the Iraqi occupation's effects on the Army seem to be encouraging the Bush administration to make use of something originally designed to be symbolic. Bah. Lousy politicians, far too clever for our good. I think I prefer BuzzFlash's draft proposal.

Good heavens. I'm actually discussing politics on my journal. What up with that?