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Gus, posing on the stairs. I'm sure if I asked him nicely he'd make me a time helmet.

Thanks to some slow reference sessions, I have several pages of longhand I need to type up. A poem, a short-short that's complete but needs a slight rewrite for setting, another part for a multi-section story I'm working on, and the opener to another story. I'm reasonably happy with all of them; at least, they don't have the "dead fish" feel that work I end up abandoning develops sooner or later. Perhaps that's the power of longhand, to keep it in play.

Another example of how the future is now: hypersonic messaging.

Reading Matter: Still on the Bova book. Did read a spot of fiction, Dead Until Dark, the southern vampire mystery by Charlaine Harris. Pretty good, but it was kind of slow at the beginning. This is a book with a lot going on: first, there's the murder mystery, which is fine to drive the plot. We set it in amongst small-town folk of Louisiana. Then we add in the "vampires exist and are part of society" a la Laurell K. Hamilton. And then there's what makes this book different from other vamp books: The main character is a telepath. Is she unique? Doesn't say. Does her power come from supernatural causes? Doesn't say. Is its origin ever explained, questioned, or even wondered about? Not that I could tell, aside from "I've always been able to do it" being repeated a few times. So there was a lot to sort out at first, and until the murder mystery started driving the storyline (which took a lot of pages to get going), I kept getting distracted. Not good, since if I'd had to put the book down for some reason, I might not've picked it up again.