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The First Insubstantial Nibbles

Still nothing to report, but I did get a request for rewrite on one story, and word that another is down to the final cut. To which I swallow my hopes and simply wait. Well, not on the rewrite. That I have to go actually, y'know, rewrite.

And as for all you people who've spent their Memorial weekend in some distant land, laughing and drinking and partying and generally enjoying yourselves, I'll have you know I've had just as good a time here. Better, even! And what could be better, you ask? Why, manual labor! Mowing the lawn! Vacuuming! Dusting! Changing litter boxes! Laundry! Recycling! Why, it's more satisfying that...than...

Yeah, I don't believe me either.

Current Reading: Gathering the Bones: A Chilling New Anthology of All-Original Tales of Horror. Or as the editors considered calling it, "Tales of Terror from Three Continents." Waiting patiently to find that story from Antarctica.