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Swords Never Get Tired

ail brings a rare (these days) response: 118 day rejection from Space & Time.

Still considering the photoblog thing. As in, do I set it up elsewhere in this already paid for (but would have to be handcoded) digital space? Or go with a photoblog service with them bells and whistles (but costing, always costing)? Decisions, decisions. Opinions always welcome.

Currently Reading: The War of the Flowers, by Tad Williams.

Recently Seen: Van Helsing, which wasn't as good as it should've been but not as bad as the reviews led me to fear; Gosford Park, which was as good as I expected but not quite as witty; and Kill Bill Vol. I, which spilled enough blood to make me slightly nervous about going to donate platelets Friday. Needles aren't as sharp as katanas, happily. But there is a sushi place next door. Will have to keep an eye out for Sonny Chiba.