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Two Weeks Later

Remember when I crowed with pride about our completed flowerbed? Well, at the time I glossed over the detail that we'd actually laid out edging for two, count 'em, two flowerbeds. However, we'd only had enough dirt for the first. Which meant, yes, you guessed it. More garden work this weekend: bags and bags and bags of dirt, followed by peat moss, flowers, bushes, mulch, watering, and then a long, long, long shower. It looks nice, but still needs some more plants. For those who care, there'll be pictures tomorrow, as by the time we finished we'd lost the light, as the film geeks say. Plus there's no way I would touch the camera with these mud-caked claws.

And if all this talk of manual labor puts you off, I'll have you know I've put in some more time on the keyboard. But writing about my writing bores me, so that's all I'll say.

Currently Reading: The Whispers From The Cotton Tree Root anthology. It's FAB-ulist. Plus, it's got a story in it by this guy.