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Doesn't He Ever Shut Up About That Damn Garden?

Well, no. Sixteen weeks in and no sales yet. What else am I going to talk about?

Now, we really do need a lot more plants. A lot more, demonstrated by exhibit a: the panorama view. It's less obvious in the slightly arty long view, which also features the cats' chief entertainment: the birdfeeder. That's one of those Yankee Flipper models, designed to fling squirrels great distances for having the temerity to want food, the greedy bastards. Sadly, we've never seen ours in action, as we don't have any trees to speak of. Well, we've got a couple. They're pretty wee. Far too small to support squirrels. The one in the front yard has always looked particularly lonely, so we've given him some buddies, a small army of snapdragons, to inspire with his height.