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A Little Less

You may remember back at the beginning of the year I posted that I had given up sweet tea. Amazingly enuf, it stuck. I now drink it unsweetened. Yes, without any sugar or artificial sweeteners, period (if you're curious, that took about three weeks to get used to. Gaah.)

I also gave up regular coke, which means all coke, since diet coke is the devil's mouthwash. We also stopped eating fast food regularly, or even semi-regularly. That's been hard just because shopping and cooking is a pain. As if you didn't already know that. Now, I'd be lying if I said "never had it," since we had Krystal's last night (the southern White Castle), but that was only the second time in the last three months. I made no changes in terms of exercise, except I now take the stairs at work (my office is on the third floor).

At any rate, it's been a few months and I thought I should report. I've lost about twelve pounds.