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Land, Green And Pleasant

Got my contributor's copy of Albedo One today with "Twelvepenny Weather" in it. First time I've held an issue in my hand. Pretty nice; got some good heft to it. And up on the shelf it goes. They also mentioned they wanted to add my story to their website. When they do, I'll post a link to it.

Spring break has broken, so Monday is back to normal. Oh, and I see the shameful treatment of the Bush-Cheney sloganator got the attention of Wired magazine. Interestingly, the campaign said they'd had it up since December. I'm guessing it was never subjected to a serious field test (re: abuse) until now. Remember, always test for the worst when it comes to software, folks. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Otherwise, Lisa is good, cats are fine, writing proceeds, and the weather is nice. Which'll mean some yardwork this weekend. Whee. Still, probably not a bad idea to pick up a little vitamin D.

Currently Reading: Kage Baker's The Anvil of the World.