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It Is To Laugh

It's pretty obvious at this point that I'm easily amused. The fact that I made this and this and this and this and this using an official feature of Bush-Cheney's relection site pretty much kicked it over the edge. Childish? Probably. But I'm not the only one amusing myself.

Now, if you want to go do this yourself, you'll need to turn off your pop-up blockers, because the final result comes up as a PDF in a new window. Also, if you'd like to use offensive language or indulge in gratuitous Hitler/Stalin/Genghis Khan comparisons, it's important to know that the software has a filter in place. You can't enter in that sort of thing in the Custom Text field. On the other hand, the City field will let you enter pretty much anything.

Update: Apparently, the sloganator has gone crazy and needs to be put down. It's a cruel world.

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