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Fair Warning

Not much to report, really. Okay, an 83 day form rejection from Permutations, which also carries the news that a) they're getting ready to launch their first issue, and b) they're now closed to subs until late summer. Also news of further socialization: Jason and Chandra came over Saturday, where we admired Chandra's new car and had dinner. Always nice to see them, since it doesn't happen often enough.

Oh, something you might need to know: we're about to change our website hosting in the next couple days, so connectivity may become iffy while the lords of the DNS pass their notes to one another. Just so you know.

Recent Reading: A couple nonfiction spec fic essay books, specifically Mediations of Middle-Earth and Which Way to the Future?; some graphic novels, specifically Hellboy I & II (Wake the Devil and Seed of Destruction) and that Michael Chabon The Escapist thing; and now Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion. You can get a lot of reading done if you slack off on other things.