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March 31, 2004

More Cheap Entertainment

Thanks to Mr. Moles, I've now been sucked into the comic "Cat and Girl." For me, this is the strip that sealed the deal.

Recently Read: Aside from webcomics? Robert Silverberg's Roma Eterna, his alternate world epic of the Empire that didn't fall. But considering each chapter is actually a self-contained short story of a different event in the empire's timeline, it feels like a fix-up. Still good, but there's a certain amount of disconnect to it since the characters don't carry over from chapter to chapter. Hmm.

March 29, 2004

Cheap Entertainment

Well, while some folks are hiding this week, here's something to do: Vampire Boy, your basic mid-80's run around and collect stuff game. The art has a serious Tim Burton vibe coming off it, plus the music's kindy catchy.

March 28, 2004

Fair Warning

Not much to report, really. Okay, an 83 day form rejection from Permutations, which also carries the news that a) they're getting ready to launch their first issue, and b) they're now closed to subs until late summer. Also news of further socialization: Jason and Chandra came over Saturday, where we admired Chandra's new car and had dinner. Always nice to see them, since it doesn't happen often enough.

Oh, something you might need to know: we're about to change our website hosting in the next couple days, so connectivity may become iffy while the lords of the DNS pass their notes to one another. Just so you know.

Recent Reading: A couple nonfiction spec fic essay books, specifically Mediations of Middle-Earth and Which Way to the Future?; some graphic novels, specifically Hellboy I & II (Wake the Devil and Seed of Destruction) and that Michael Chabon The Escapist thing; and now Lois McMaster Bujold's The Curse of Chalion. You can get a lot of reading done if you slack off on other things.

March 25, 2004

Delicious Oxymoron Giveaway

Hooray! Although NASA missed the deadline, Long John Silvers has decided to give away giant shrimp after all! May 10th (a Monday), from 2 to 5pm. Mmm, giant shrimp.

It is such a glorious day outside that I find myself extremely sad to be inside. I predict I'll be getting very little done today. Maybe if we moved the reference desk outside?... No?...


March 24, 2004

Countering Passion

For those of you who haven't seen Mel's movie, I'm happy to say a new (or rather, old) alternative will soon be found in theaters.

I am so there.

March 22, 2004


After some thought, have accepted the invitation to attend Toby's Writing Jam (the one in late June) in scenic Bluffton. Pleased, excited, and strangely undeterred by the prospect of a 600 mile drive. But that last might just be me.

Currently Reading: As I anticipated, Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories.

March 21, 2004


Yesterday went just fine, I'm pleased to report. No crazy people at the library (always a plus), finally got the check for "Evening with the Minotaur" (money, huzzah!), and Lisa and I had dinner at another couple's house. Socializing is all the rage, I hear, and I can see why.

As for today, going to the movies this afternoon. Big fan of the oddness of Charlie Kaufman, so should be good.

Currently Reading: At the moment, nothing. Finished The Fantasy Writer's Assistant last night, and now I have an urge to read the collected works of Franz Kafka. Oh good, I can pick it up tomorrow at the library, not thirty feet from my office. Splendid.

March 19, 2004

Extremely Short Print Run

Yes, it's a collection of some of my fiction, specifically stuff that has only appeared online. No, you can't have a copy. One's for me, the other for my sweetie. I may make a third copy at some point for my parents. You could ask them, I s'pose, but good luck with that. I made them using CafePress's publishing option, having been inspired by Mr. Scalzi's example. Simply to amuse myself, I made it look as much like a real book as possible. With page numbers and everything! The barcode is as bogus as the ISBN, but the blurbs of praise on the back are real.

Why, you might ask? Chiefly because a lot of this stuff is no longer up on the web, a condition that will only worsen over time. And someday a tall fellow in black robes swinging a farming implement will come along to collect my works. This might make things easier later on for my estate (you know, Lisa and the cats). Also, I thought it was a cool idea, and that it would look pretty on my vanity shelf.

Other than the books, today brought a 13 day rejection from Elysian Fiction. Had today off, since I'll be working this Saturday. Among other things, spent some time today wrestling with the lawn. Aeration is not nearly as much fun as you might think. No, it's true. I wouldn't lie about such things.

March 17, 2004

Kiss Me, My Web Page's Irish

Yes, a leprechaun's been at my stylesheet. Whee! Oh, don't worry. It's just temporary, like dyeing the river in Chicago. Just turn up the Pogues, have another drink, and it'll be all over soon enough. (Note: If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, it's because it's no longer St. Patrick's Day and I've restored my regular stylesheet.)

An Update: I've just been informed that my poem, "The Laundromat Advances the Plot," has taken honorable mention in the Strange Horizons 2003 Reader's Choice Awards. Honored to be honorable.

Currently Reading: The Jeffrey Ford collection, The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories. Hey, I could use an assistant.

March 15, 2004

Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Quite surreal: a whole bunch of celebrities sharing their favorite swear words. Zack Braff's is the funniest, and Richard Schiff and Bradley Whitford took the words right out of my mouth. Don't know who filmed this, but I think it's a commercial for a UK TV channel. Warning: do not, repeat, do not follow the link if you're in the presence of small children who are at that age where they repeat words like so many African Gray parrots. Trust me.

March 14, 2004

Red Neck, Red Hands

Ah, spring. When a young woman's fancy turns towards preparing flower beds. Azaleas don't plant themselves, unfortunately, which means I'm out there digging in the stupid Georgia red clay. Stupid, stupid clay. Rototiller bounces right off the stuff, even with the throttle wide open. So first I had to vigorously apply the pickaxe and the shovel and even the hand to break it apart and give the tiller a foothold (so to speak). But the weather stayed cool and the cloud cover kept my farmer's tan to a minimum. The front bed now has a decent base done. Next up: we'll raise the bed through the use of many many bricks and a whole lot more dirt.

And while I labored, email brought a 53 day rejection from Abyss & Apex signed by their new submissions editor. I guess their recent staff turnover has been handled.

Currently Reading: After the latest Spenser novel, Bad Business, I'm currently working Rudy Rucker's transreal White Light.

March 12, 2004

Land, Green And Pleasant

Got my contributor's copy of Albedo One today with "Twelvepenny Weather" in it. First time I've held an issue in my hand. Pretty nice; got some good heft to it. And up on the shelf it goes. They also mentioned they wanted to add my story to their website. When they do, I'll post a link to it.

Spring break has broken, so Monday is back to normal. Oh, and I see the shameful treatment of the Bush-Cheney sloganator got the attention of Wired magazine. Interestingly, the campaign said they'd had it up since December. I'm guessing it was never subjected to a serious field test (re: abuse) until now. Remember, always test for the worst when it comes to software, folks. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Otherwise, Lisa is good, cats are fine, writing proceeds, and the weather is nice. Which'll mean some yardwork this weekend. Whee. Still, probably not a bad idea to pick up a little vitamin D.

Currently Reading: Kage Baker's The Anvil of the World.

March 11, 2004

...And Sleepy Insects Cover The Earth

Scientists make a butterfly that glows in the dark. Pretty, but I wonder if the little fella's wings will be keeping the other butterflies from going to sleep? "Bob, do you mind?" "I can't help it, I swear!"

March 10, 2004

It Is To Laugh

It's pretty obvious at this point that I'm easily amused. The fact that I made this and this and this and this and this using an official feature of Bush-Cheney's relection site pretty much kicked it over the edge. Childish? Probably. But I'm not the only one amusing myself.

Now, if you want to go do this yourself, you'll need to turn off your pop-up blockers, because the final result comes up as a PDF in a new window. Also, if you'd like to use offensive language or indulge in gratuitous Hitler/Stalin/Genghis Khan comparisons, it's important to know that the software has a filter in place. You can't enter in that sort of thing in the Custom Text field. On the other hand, the City field will let you enter pretty much anything.

Update: Apparently, the sloganator has gone crazy and needs to be put down. It's a cruel world.

Currently Reading: Cigar Box Faust and Other Miniatures, by Michael Swanwick.

March 09, 2004

Well, When Are We Going To Get Rowdy?

Spring break here at Ye Olde Universite. Which means in practical terms, the library's still open and I'm still here at work answering reference questions. Bah. No rowdiness for me.

Little writing news, except a couple answers to queries for languishing stories. First never made it, second might've arrived but the market had had a spectacular email account crash, with the explosions and the burning and the electrons disappearing every which way. And there we are. Otherwise writing is good, morale is decent, and while still no sales this year, ego remains intact.

March 07, 2004

Weekend II

Here's an idea for Fox's next reality show: real vampire hunting (via DiePunyHumans).

Yesterday's Starsky & Hutch was slight but amusing (it probably helped that I never saw it on TV). Also watched American Splendor last night, which was quite splendid.

Otherwise spent day in minutia. To whit: took lawnmower to be serviced. Home Depot run. Hung some art over the mantle. Did laundry. Bank run. Paid some bills. Balanced checkbook. Grocery run. Battled squalor. You know, ordinary stuff.

March 06, 2004


It's late Saturday morning. Like others, I'm right now taking care of writing minutia, the care and feeding of manuscripts, while listening to Lisa practice her guitar in the next room (she bought a new one not too long, a 12-string that sounds like there's someone else playing along with her. Quite funky.). I'm also considering a workshop invitation I just got. I'd like to go, but have to see how my schedule shakes out first. Earlier this morning we had breakfast with Lisa's parents. I had the Popeye, a three-egg omelet made with spinach, bacon, mushrooms, crab meat and cream cheese. Damn tasty. Mmm, omelet... This afternoon we're going to the movies. In short, all is well.

Currently Reading: Delany's Tales of Neveryon.

March 03, 2004

Serenity Now!

Joss Whedon's Firefly series has been officially approved to be turned into a movie. It'll be called Serenity, not Seinfeld in Space, by the way. Just couldn't pass that line up. What can I say? I'm weak.

March 02, 2004

Other Things

It's not that I don't love you all, it's just that I've got other things to be doing. My parents did come to visit Saturday, and they did buy a computer. So Sunday I went and set it up for them, with the transfering of files and general wrangling of arrangments. And Monday Lisa had a prior committment on the computer (freelance work for a friend of hers). And frankly, there's been diddly-squat occuring otherwise. So.

Reading Matter: To Marry Medusa, by Theodore Sturgeon (just finished), and Sugar Rain by Paul Park (just started).