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Who'd Watch These Watchmen?

(Click the poster for a bigger image.)

Okay, I like John Cusack as Night Owl. I think Mel Gibson would be inspired casting for the Comedian (also acceptable, Dennis Miller, set on maximum smirk), and Ed Harris would add the right level of gravity for Dr. Manhattan, even painted blue. But Ralph Fiennes? Michael Douglas? Can't see them playing straight superhero drama, unless it'd been campified. And what about Sally Jupiter?

Calm down. Yes, this is all theoretical. But just up to a point. Question is, are we talking faithful like the X-Men movies, or "faithful" like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? The second's much more likely, so I'm not terribly optimistic.

Little else to report. Spent Sunday painting the dining room, which was amusing. Lots of molding (crown and chair rail), so we used up quite a bit of tape trying to keep from dribbling on it. Mostly successful, and it looks nice. We're getting some furniture in there this coming weekend, which will be lovely. It's just been a big empty, that and the living room. I'm sure the pizza guys think we don't have any furniture, since both those rooms face front and have a whole lot of nothing in them. But soon, no more.

Yes, yes, that's why we buy furniture for mostly ceremonial rooms: so strangers at the door won't think we were sitting on milk crates in the rest of the house.

Currently Reading: The Grand Complication, by Allen Kurzweil.