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So Forth

Okay, so I am all better. The illness has crawled on out of me (out into the world! run for your lives!), and now I'm movin', groovin', and so forth. Just to be clear.

Some good word from across the sea: Albedo One has just released their next ish, which contains my tale "Twelvepenny Weather." They even put my name on the cover. They're swell folk.

Is there more to report? My folks are coming over this weekend to see our new ceremonial furniture. We'll also probably take it for a test meal as well. Otherwise it's just a case of, "yep, that's new furniture all right, very nice," which hardly seems worth an hour's drive each way. Oh, they also want to do a little computer shopping (their old machine not so good no more) so there'll also be some of that. Snow melted away pretty quick, and it'll probably be up in the 60s this weekend. There's probably other developments that could be mentioned, but I'll leave it there for now.

Currently Reading: Peregrine: Primus, by Avram Davidson. After starting it I discovered it's the first of a trilogy, only the last book (Peregrine: Tertius, presumably) has never been published. Hmm. Hopefully it was actually written. That way there's a chance it'll be found in a trunk in somebody's attic someday. Hey, it happened with H. Beam Piper.