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Snow Business

Well, I'm at home right now, enjoying the benefits of a snow day. Yes, snow here in Georgia! Okay, it's not the vast drifts that you get in other parts of the country, but it's pretty good by our standards. See? Those roads are wet and slushy! Very dangerous, that. Doesn't that justify my having the day off? Doesn't it? Um... Hey, look over there! It's 3-D pictures of the Martian landscape! No special glasses or eyestrain needed! Just, uh, Windows Media Player. Sorry 'bout that.

Uh, if it makes you feel better, I got another rejection yesterday: a 16 day form on a trio of poems from Mythic Delirium.

Read During The Recent Unpleasantness: Children of Cthulhu, because when you're lying in bed wishing for death, reading stories about the Great Old Ones wiping out humanity is actually kind of comforting. Ah, sweet release. And after that, I read another Pratchett book, Pyramids, since my body eventually realized it was going to live.