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I hate federal holidays (well, when I don't get the day off). No mail, which is a bad thing, despite my love-hate relationship with the stuff. It's just got so much promise.

Saw the high-larious and adorable Lost in Translation over the weekend (see, DVDs; that's a good reason to keep the TV). Most excellent and if you haven't seen it, I urge you to stop what you're doing and go get a copy. Rent it, buy it, steal it, whatever. Made me simultaneously want to go to Japan and be rather nervous about actually going to Japan. Not the taking up with Scarlett Johansson part, the rest of it, the culture shock extreme. But still.

Recent Read: The wafer-thin Alan Moore's Writing For Comics. Had two parts, the meat of it written a year or two after finishing The Watchmen, the afterword written 15 years later just for this edition. Part one gives lots of advice on how handle all sort of things (stories, worlds, scripts, transitions, etc etc). Part two says, "y'know, every rule I listed in part 1 can be broken." Very amusing, and a good read.