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Another day, another dinar. Did my third library instruction class in three days, and I've got another one Friday. A long week, but I've discovered you can hold college students' attention (attentions?) if you use a word that they're not expecting to hear a librarian use. For example: suck. It works well. Sample sentence:

"Our new ILL system will let you get your articles in PDF format from your home computer, but if you've only got a dialup connection, the download time is going to seriously suck."
For some reason they all wake right up when I say this. Must be a reflex leftover from high school.

Got some writing done today (my new successful approach appears to be a scene at a time), but I've still got a long way to go on this story. Cracked 5k words and looks like I'm only halfway there. Angel was good but sad, and now it's late and I'm tired. Oh, great. And now I'm hungry.