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I Am The Eye In The Sky

Like so many others, I managed to finish something for the Zeppelin antho (altho' in point of fact, my tale contains no actual Zeppelins, or at least nothing using the term). But even if it's rejected it represents a new step for me: it's my first novelette. Weighing in at just a shade under 10,000 words, it's twice as long as my previous longest story. Hopefully the length is because the story required it, not just because I got longwinded.

I know, I know: it's not how long a story is, it's how it thrills the reader that's important. SURE it does. And that's why novels get all the attention.

Apropos of nothing, a newspaper article which made me laugh: Mistaken identity on a grand scale (via Matthew Yglesias).

Currently Reading: Singularity Sky, by Charlie Stross. It's a space opera with godlike AIs, spies, FTL warfare, mysterious aliens, and retro cultures. I'm liking it quite a bit. Also contained this appropriate line on page 6:

The bank robbers carried exotic weapons, and when a police Zeppelin arrived over the scene it was shot to pieces.

Late Update: Late arriving mail brings two rejects with comments from Talebones (43 days) and Flesh & Blood (23 days).