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Happy Tridecaphobian Day!

Next one doesn't come around until August, so make the most of it, 'kay? Today brings a 9 day personal rejection from Ideomancer. I guess they are all caught up on their slush. Good for them!

If you read Gaiman's blog, you might've seen this: an eBay auction for a Dibbuk haunted Jewish wine cabinet. The auction's closed, but the listing does provide some interesting details worth reading.

Oh, that's right. I've discovered that this year I'll pass another big milestone of age you can have in this country: to be old enough to run for President. But unlike Jason, I'm not that mournful. Frankly I'd rather go put on a bathing suit made from carpet tacks before taking a dip in the rubbing alcohol pool than run for the Oval Office. Still, it's a milestone. Now all that remains is making it to the precious precious senior citizen's discount. Woo!