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Technically, It's Called Frankenstein's Monster, Not Frankenstein

Reminded by Kenny's remarks on Underworld (which admittedly I never got around to seeing), I can only hope that Van Helsing holds up on closer, ie, non-trailer-actual-movie, inspection. Looks sleek and stylish, but so did League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But who am I kidding? Even if it's not very good, I'll put down money to go see it in the theater, and Lisa will go along quite happily. She's a huge Hugh Jackman fan, and I like movies with sharp pointy things.

Have been doing some cost calculations. Not going to be able to make it to WisCon (more's the pity), but Lisa and I are likely going to make it to World Fantasy Con in Arizona this year. No, really. Oh, don't look so shocked. Now, if a decent airfare will just come along before October...