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Observant folks will notice I've finally updated the look of these pages. Yes, it's been...um...six years since I did anything different with the look here. Hey, you know how it is; don't want to rush things. At the moment I'm just trying it out here in the journal, since I'm fairly certain just attaching the stylesheet link to all my other pages will have some unintended results. May do that anyway for a cheap laugh. There are other considerations, of course, such as making certain this thing looks fine to all of you. More tweaking lies ahead, I'm sure. Have no fear. I'm all about the access, whether for PC or Mac, IE or Netscape or Safari. Not you Opera people, tho'. You're on your own.

I'm fairly certain this will lead to more rearranging elsewhere on this site, as things get consolidated, rearranged, or just plain tossed out the metaphorical door. Feel free to share your opinion on the new look, either by sending me an email or making a comment. That's what it's there for, after all, and Buddha knows now is not the time to be shy. If I'm making your eyeballs bleed, I need to know.

Recent Reading: Lord of Castle Black, by Steven Brust.