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I'd Think Schultz Would Approve

Kudos to BoingBoing for alerting me to this latest guaranteed-to-sweep-the-net: Hey Ya, Charlie Brown, the love child of Charles Schultz and Outkast. My sweetie called it a synergy of new and retro. I call it brilliant! I laughed, I cried, I had childhood memories edited. Update: Mirror location at http://files.funfreepages.com/videos/heyyacb.mov.

No new writing news, as January continues to be, well, damn slow. I am considering crafting a glyph of power to invoke editorial response, but it might be nothing more than an excuse to avoid writing. And on a personal note, it looks like my brother Paul is going to be transferred to Charlotte, NC (job promotion and all that). For the first time in our adult lives, he'll be the son living out of state. I must adjust my brain to this new idea.