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Enlighten Me, If You Would

Could some wiser soul than I share the difference between supporting and attending memberships when it comes to conventions? If only an attending lets you in the door, then what good are supporting memberships? End my confusion, I beg of you! Drop me a line or make with a comment and you will have my Eternal Gratitude™.

Got my Nebula Awards preliminary ballot in the mail today. As usual, I am prepared not. Of the fifteen novel nominations, I've only read two. Novellas, one of five. Novelettes, none. And of the ten short stories, only one. Greg's. I'm certain I can cover the short stories in time to make a reasonably informed decision, but the novels? Not going to happen. And so I'll be forced to make judgements based on reviews, reputation, general premise, and other surface evaluations. Skipping the category all together would probably be the right thing to do, but what fun would that be?