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Cthulhu Espera Soñando

Well, Tales of the Plush Cthulhu is now available in Spanish: Cuentos del Peluche Cthulhu, at the Nueva Logia del Tentáculo. Favorite bit:

- iEsperad, peluches estúpidos! - gritó el Profesor Dinobebé Azul - En su mansión de R'lyeh, Cthulhu espera soñando, no le molestéis o nos devorará a todos.
However, the French translation over at tentacules.net has disappeared. Whether permanently or not, I cannot say. Merde!

Oh, that's right. Almost forgot this, from Making Light: fast food chain Long John Silvers is offering free giant shrimp to America if Mars ever had oceans. It's right up there with Taco Bell's previous offer to give everyone free tacos if Mir could hit the bullseye. Hm. Wonder if they hired the same ad agency?