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Can't Sleep, Clown'll Eat Me

Clown Dresser from Hell Lisa and I did a little furniture shopping this weekend, spending part of it at a local antique mall. By and large, they weren't serious antiques, from the days of Yore and Yesteryear. More like "collectibles and used furniture at slightly inflated prices." Which is not to say they don't have interesting and eye-catching stuff. For example, this future repressed childhood memory in waiting. I don't know what the person who made this was thinking. It's like it's supposed to be part of the Homer J. Simpson furniture collection. All you need is a little art on the walls and a toy, and boom! All ready for your little boy or girl to chuckle all night. Did I say chuckle? Maybe whimper. Or possibly scream. Something like that, anyway.

Those of you who've bought furniture new may balk at the price tag. And who could blame you? But keep in mind, this is superior craftsmanship (it is very sturdy) and besides, I hear it's hard to find good quality timber in Hell.

So yes, I've given up sweet tea. I've also given up the elevator at work. Happily, my office is only on the third floor, so it's not as bad as it could be. Going to the gym, I can't manage. This, no problem. I'm just a little depressed that walking up two flights will leave me out of breath.

If you hadn't guessed, my general overall non-writing goal for 2004 is losing some weight. Hey, I managed to keep my New Year's Resolution to make some resolutions! I'm already ahead of the game!

(No, that's not cheating. Quiet.)