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A Favorite Letter

Still with the changing, but I think I've settled on a look I like. I've seen it now at home and at work, with a variety o'machines and browsers, and so now I can say: good enuf. Am slowly propagating it to other pages.

The flytrappers have announced the official lineup for issue #2. I'm in good company, I see, and that makes me smile.

First day back at work, after two fabulous weeks of vacation. It was delightfully warm (upper 60's) the whole time, sunny. Gorgeous day after gorgeous day. Today it was cold and rainy and very very grey. Talk about the weather manifesting your internal mood. Ah well. Kids don't come back 'till Wednesday, but school'll be up and running soon enough.

Have I mentioned that I've given up sweet tea? It's a hard, hard thing to do around here, as I hate the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners more than the bitter edge of black tea. Lots of temptation.

Currently Reading: Le Guin's collection Tales from Earthsea.