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There Is No More Time

And that's it for another year. Let's see, what happened:

  • Wrote some stuff and sold it (eleven times).
  • Had other stuff rejected many times (eighty-five times, to be precise).
  • Crashed some stuff (car, computer).
  • Bought some new stuff (including car & computer).
  • Went some places (LA, Vegas, the vast cornfields of western Illinois).
  • Experienced my first earthquake (that could be detected by, well, me). The fact that it was not while in LA is all the more noteworthy.
  • Added comments to this journal.
  • Read some books (roughly seventy-odd, give or take).
  • Saw some movies (uh, several).
  • Successfully satisfied the information needs of a (remarkably large) number of college students.
  • Successfully resisted the urge to strangle a (thankfully small) number of college students in the course of satisfying their information needs.
I don't know if those are really highlights, but I think you get the idea. See you next year.

Here's what was said at the time. And now no more will be said.