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Late In The Evenings

Been staying out late the last few nights, but it's all right. I'm on vacation. Saturday night Lisa and I went to a concert: "The Star 94 T-Mobile Jingle Jam," where we ended up having 12th row seats thanks to the generosity of a kind stranger. We're not sure why she gave us these seats (think she got a better offer herself), but we weren't arguing. The lineup was The Whigs, Jessica Simpson, Maroon 5, Sarah McLachlan, and the Barenaked Ladies. Jessica Simpson was better than expected but she was still way out of place there. We bopped, we rocked, we sang with total lack of self-awareness. And afterwards we went and got waffles. Mmm, midnight waffles.

Last night was a late night showing of Return of the King. I managed to avoid this problem by carefully restricting my fluid intake, despite the thick dusting of salt on the popcorn. Pretty satisfied with the movie overall. And yeah, we're gonna see it again.

Today's been less impressive, but Christmas shopping got finished. And thanks to the insurance settlement from the earlier excitement of the month, this included our gift to ourselves. They actually used what's left of the Corolla to make those. No, really. That's windshield glass in the viewports. We were so impressed we felt we had to accept them. And considering our current fabric care system is a 15 year old washing machine and an 8 year old dryer, well, the choice was obvious.

In the mail, an 87 day form rejection from Asimov's for a trio of poems. Also: a Christmas miracle for Heather and Tim, a first novel sale for Toby, quoted in Wired for Derek, early voluntary retirement for John, and a Christmas story from Greg. And probably other news reports from other parts of the globe. Congratulations to all. Boy, you people are tough to keep track of. Phew.

Currently Reading: Galactic Effectuator, a fixup novel by Jack Vance.