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Fancy A Cuppa?

Albedo One sent page proofs for my Bridget Jones-reminiscent tale "Twelvepenny Weather" this afternoon a la PDF, and told me to look for it in issue 28, soonish. V. good. Also, the prize for Dark Wisdom's Cthulhaiku contest came this afternoon. The curious can see it posed here, front and reverse, along with my hand and emergency backup brain. Don't get me wrong; crockery will never replace cash in the long run. But still. It's a very nice mug. Fits nicely in the hand, holds liquids well, easily survived the dishwasher (yes, it arrived and I promptly added it to a nearly full load. all in the timing). What more could you ask for? Buy one of your own and drink my words.

Currently Reading: Strange Travelers, a Gene Wolfe collection.