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Deploy! Deploy!

Ah, yes. Over there, that's what's left of my car after this morning (here's a closer shot, if you're morbidly curious). Don't worry, I'm fine. I've got a bruised nose from the airbag deploying, a partially separated shoulder from the seatbelt, and a variety of other cuts and bruises scattered about, but otherwise fine. Got an arm in a sling for a few days, but that's it. The other guy is also OK. 'Twas his fault: cops cited him for failure to yield, which is a fancy way of saying he pulled out right in front of me on a wet road. And that sums up my day. On the whole, I should've stayed in bed.

So, looks like I'll be needing a new car. Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards another sedanish car, like a Camry or a Civic or an Altima. A hybrid might also be cool, but I understand they've got no pickup.