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Audience Participation

After a brief rewrite of a single line, I'm pleased to report that the folks over at Flytrap have accepted my poem, "Another Tuesday Night in Transylvania," for issue numero dos. Woo!

Also, after much consideration on my part, I'm pleased to report that I've got a new car! Wheels! I'm mobile again! First person to guess what I'm riding around in will receive a small prize of some value, possibly from inside my office (and no, it won't be paperclips or stamps. I need those). A hint: I did not buy any model I specifically mentioned, nor any specific model suggested by anyone else (not that these suggestions were not appreciated, that's just the way it worked out). Email me or post your guesses in the comments. If no one has guessed by Wednesday at 5pm, I'll put you out of your misery as to what I bought.

Currently Reading: Wyrmhole, the debut SF mystery thriller by Jay Caselberg.