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Art Imitating Art

This year for the library's winter retreat we went to the High Museum of Atlanta to see their exhibits "Verrocchio's David Restored" (no, not that David, this David) and "After Whistler," showing some of the influence of the man and his mother. Among other things, he inspired a number of similar works, such as this one, this one, this one, and this one. Oh, and this one. After that, lunch at Mary Mac's Tea Room. Came back to work to finish filling out paperwork, then came home to find a 102 day rejection from Polyphony 4. So then I ate cookies.

Oh, and someone has created the World's Largest Book. Uh, good for him.

Currently Reading: Samuel R. Delany's fantastically short (big type on 124 pages) The Ballad of Beta 2. I bet it can't be over fifty thousand words, tops. When (yes, when) I finish it before Queer Eye comes on, I'll likely start on Pratchett's Small Gods.