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Stupid Database Tricks

It's always interesting to see what you get when you start putting the names of fictional characters into nationwide phonebook databases. Some results of interest:

  • There are sixty-seven people named Bilbo, ten last named Baggins. Most of the others live in Mississippi and are likely named after this guy. In contrast, only nine people named Frodo (but eight with the last name of Baggins). In other LoTR characters: ten Gandalfs (one Gandalf Grey), nine Aragorns, twenty-six Galadriels, and five Elronds (my favorite's last name is Wojtkiewicz). Two people named Sauron, but nobody named Saruman or Boromir. Aim high, I suppose.
  • Fifty-eight Geds, seventy-eight Enders, and forty-five Elrics. Also fifty-five Harry Potters, most of whom are probably quite irked at J. K. Rowling these days.
  • Sixty-three Neos. No Morpheuses or Trinities, but there's a Neo Morpheus in Virginia and a Neo Morphius in Florida.
  • Five Indiana Joneses, one Indiana Smith and 177 other Indianas.
  • Lots and lots of Hans, Lukes, and Leias, along with thirteen Yodas. Only four Anakins (but two Anakin Skywalkers).
And these are just the people, presumably adults, who have phone numbers; it doesn't include all those children out there whose parents, after coming out of the movies, said, "Y'know, Legolas would be a good name for the baby."