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For your amusement, a picture of the top of my (work) office computer, featuring the various small things that sit on top of my monitor. From left to right, that's: a small brain resting on top of a cube made from business cards; a rubber voodoo shaman, with a skull in one hand, a machete in the other, and one really creepy grin; a black widow spider preserved in formaldehyde; a piece of plastic resembling a mask; a clay statue of an Elder Thing; and a plastic bank in the form of a wild-eyed beastie, likely the Tazmanian devil. He's clutching a key chain, which just a black disk inscribed with the letter 'D.' Which makes sense. D for devil, after all. Probably all sold out of 'T' chains.

Nothing to report, really, except that Lisa found out yesterday she's going to have to go to New Orleans this weekend for work, and won't be back until next Wednesday. I will be left to my own devices for four days. Bah. Madness, I tell you.

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