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Catch Up

Of course, other things did happen yesterday (altho' all were easily overshadowed by my sweetie's return). Lessee, I got word that my Cthulhu-based haiku won first place in Dark Wisdom's "Cthulhaiku" contest. Whoo! (And thanks to Rachel for pointing me to the contest in the first place.) The poem's not bad for something I wrote while being forced to attend a two hour university convocation. Ack.

Also got word the other day that Path of the Just has been spotted in print (at a convention in Vegas, I believe) and will soon be appearing in comic stores, games stores, and bookstores for the consumption of the general population. That's you people.

Finally, Tim's new book arrived, fresh from the author's hands to mine! Made good time from Cali to the Southland. Now, go! Go and purchase! Do my bidding, minions!