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Brr, Snore, Grr, Yay

It's cold and quiet in the library today, except in the stairwell. That's extremely warm and quiet. I'm tempted to move my desk out there: "Welcome to the 3rd floor, featuring gov docs, bound periodicals, and the children and teen lit collections. Yes, that is a Hawaiian shirt, thanks for asking." Besides, it's a wonder we're even open now, as there's no one here. Well, ok, my 9am desk shift did feature a foreign student asking me to proof his paper on information security planning, just for grammar. Sample sentence: "Standards are usually happened in technical field." Er, yes. Stupid writing center. Why aren't they open today? But he was gracious and grateful afterwards, even when he saw all the red ink I'd scrawled over his pages.

Only writing news is a note from Master Lowder, telling us that my contrib copies of Path should be arriving in the mail fairly soon, with payment to follow thereafter. Just in time for Christmas.

Update: Hey, Path is on the shelves, at least at my locality.
Update Redux: And in my little hands as well, thanks to the wonders of Next Day mail! Huzzah!

Recent amusement: Master and Commander, the finest movie I've seen recently with someone's arm amputated in the first ten minutes. Ouch. Otherwise, durn good. Made me want to dig out my copies of Hornblower.
Currently reading: Tim's book!