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November 27, 2003

Menu, Guest List

The first: Turkey, honey-baked ham, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn bread dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, salad, bread & rolls, various pies, cookies, sweet tea, cokes, and wine.

The second: Gary, Jan, David, Lisa J, Brian, Brandi, Christian, Joe, Linda, Gabrielle, Joseph, Jeff, Sharon, Kylee, Kolby, John, Hazel, Sharon V, Joey, Erik, Rachel, my Lisa and me. Plus the dog.

Happy Thanksgiving, people. Hope you can spend it with friends and family.

November 26, 2003

Brr, Snore, Grr, Yay

It's cold and quiet in the library today, except in the stairwell. That's extremely warm and quiet. I'm tempted to move my desk out there: "Welcome to the 3rd floor, featuring gov docs, bound periodicals, and the children and teen lit collections. Yes, that is a Hawaiian shirt, thanks for asking." Besides, it's a wonder we're even open now, as there's no one here. Well, ok, my 9am desk shift did feature a foreign student asking me to proof his paper on information security planning, just for grammar. Sample sentence: "Standards are usually happened in technical field." Er, yes. Stupid writing center. Why aren't they open today? But he was gracious and grateful afterwards, even when he saw all the red ink I'd scrawled over his pages.

Only writing news is a note from Master Lowder, telling us that my contrib copies of Path should be arriving in the mail fairly soon, with payment to follow thereafter. Just in time for Christmas.

Update: Hey, Path is on the shelves, at least at my locality.
Update Redux: And in my little hands as well, thanks to the wonders of Next Day mail! Huzzah!

Recent amusement: Master and Commander, the finest movie I've seen recently with someone's arm amputated in the first ten minutes. Ouch. Otherwise, durn good. Made me want to dig out my copies of Hornblower.
Currently reading: Tim's book!

November 24, 2003

Stupid Database Tricks

It's always interesting to see what you get when you start putting the names of fictional characters into nationwide phonebook databases. Some results of interest:

  • There are sixty-seven people named Bilbo, ten last named Baggins. Most of the others live in Mississippi and are likely named after this guy. In contrast, only nine people named Frodo (but eight with the last name of Baggins). In other LoTR characters: ten Gandalfs (one Gandalf Grey), nine Aragorns, twenty-six Galadriels, and five Elronds (my favorite's last name is Wojtkiewicz). Two people named Sauron, but nobody named Saruman or Boromir. Aim high, I suppose.
  • Fifty-eight Geds, seventy-eight Enders, and forty-five Elrics. Also fifty-five Harry Potters, most of whom are probably quite irked at J. K. Rowling these days.
  • Sixty-three Neos. No Morpheuses or Trinities, but there's a Neo Morpheus in Virginia and a Neo Morphius in Florida.
  • Five Indiana Joneses, one Indiana Smith and 177 other Indianas.
  • Lots and lots of Hans, Lukes, and Leias, along with thirteen Yodas. Only four Anakins (but two Anakin Skywalkers).
And these are just the people, presumably adults, who have phone numbers; it doesn't include all those children out there whose parents, after coming out of the movies, said, "Y'know, Legolas would be a good name for the baby."

November 23, 2003

Another Celebrity Sighting

It's a bit disconcerting to be eating a Colorado omelet at IHOP when at the next table over is Santa Claus, eating a salad. Then his meatloaf and potatoes arrived, and I felt better.

November 20, 2003

Lousy Alan Parsons Project

Our library has sprouted little black domes, all over the first floor. Big brothers. Eyes in the sky. Security cameras. There's one over the reference desk, looking like someone threw a palantir at the ceiling. There are also a few straightforward looking cameras pointed at the circ desk. I understand the reasoning, and it's much less about "homeland security" than plain ol' out-and-out protection of the staff. Since that includes me, I do appreciate it. But I still find it depressing.

November 17, 2003

It's the Little Things, Diwrecktive

54 day blue form of death from ROF today. They've redesigned the form, by the way: it's a bit more streamlined, with the look of a cut apart photocopy. A little less classy, but probably'll save them some money.

(Heh. Some people interpret bland rejections to see what the editors secretly thought of their work. I interpret them to determine the health of the magazine.)

Here's an amusing link from DiePunyHumans: What Brand Are You? I am Diwrecktive, which denotes "calm chaos collectively collaborated." Catchy.

November 13, 2003

Catch Up

Of course, other things did happen yesterday (altho' all were easily overshadowed by my sweetie's return). Lessee, I got word that my Cthulhu-based haiku won first place in Dark Wisdom's "Cthulhaiku" contest. Whoo! (And thanks to Rachel for pointing me to the contest in the first place.) The poem's not bad for something I wrote while being forced to attend a two hour university convocation. Ack.

Also got word the other day that Path of the Just has been spotted in print (at a convention in Vegas, I believe) and will soon be appearing in comic stores, games stores, and bookstores for the consumption of the general population. That's you people.

Finally, Tim's new book arrived, fresh from the author's hands to mine! Made good time from Cali to the Southland. Now, go! Go and purchase! Do my bidding, minions!

November 12, 2003


Lisa's home! Lisa's home!

That's all that counts. Come back later.

November 10, 2003

Truer Words, Twice

Went and saw Matrix Revolutions last night (and before anyone says anything, Lisa saw it Opening Day on a work field trip, so I'm playing catch-up to her). Watched the film, and then got up to leave. Not much being said by the other audience members: everyone's very quiet. We get out into the lobby, and in front of me are three teenaged guys. One of them turns to the other two and says, "Y'know, that wasn't what I expected at all."

(An aside: thought I'd posted this earlier, but apparently I'm just going insane. Lovely. Stupid voices.)

November 07, 2003

Fly Away

It's been almost a month since my last rejection. A month! It's not like I don't have stuff out there. I do, I swear. But this morning came a personal rejection from the fine folks of Flytrap. Much praise, no purchase. Shrug. Ah well. Others have better news, however:

I've made a list of things to do around the house while Lisa is gone. I pretty much have to, unless I want to spend the days mumbling discontentedly to myself. My mumbling really needs an audience, one that can tell me to speak up. The cats are far too polite (or disinterested) to do that.

Reading Matter: Why, Four Seasons in One Day, a lovely thing indeed. And now Children of the Night, Dan Simmons's take on vampirism.

November 05, 2003


For your amusement, a picture of the top of my (work) office computer, featuring the various small things that sit on top of my monitor. From left to right, that's: a small brain resting on top of a cube made from business cards; a rubber voodoo shaman, with a skull in one hand, a machete in the other, and one really creepy grin; a black widow spider preserved in formaldehyde; a piece of plastic resembling a mask; a clay statue of an Elder Thing; and a plastic bank in the form of a wild-eyed beastie, likely the Tazmanian devil. He's clutching a key chain, which just a black disk inscribed with the letter 'D.' Which makes sense. D for devil, after all. Probably all sold out of 'T' chains.

Nothing to report, really, except that Lisa found out yesterday she's going to have to go to New Orleans this weekend for work, and won't be back until next Wednesday. I will be left to my own devices for four days. Bah. Madness, I tell you.

Recently Read: Little Doors, the most recent Paul Di Filippo collection.

November 03, 2003

You Don't Dance To Techno Anymore

Quiet weekend. Celebrated my brother's birthday (dude, you're old!) on Saturday, and also got to see our buds Chandra and Jason, if only for a couple hours. Brief but delightful. Spent waaay too much time in front of the computer Sunday, and not even being productive ('less you count slaying fire salamanders and vampires as productive). But despite my sloth, this week looks good. Weather's still nice, Thanksgiving break is approaching, and I'm done with instruction sessions for the semester! Booyah!

November 01, 2003


Just in case you had some, er, not-so friendly criticism from last night, some advice on cleanup: Halloween tricks can make a real mess. Also has advice for what to do next year. Among their recommendations? "Splurge on real chocolate."