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Quality Time With The Fam

It's been a relaxing weekend: my folks came to spend the night, ostensibly for the purpose of celebrating their recent birthdays, but really just 'cuz. Had fun. Grilled out yesterday (gotta love these pleasant southern falls), then watched the Braves force game 5 with the Cubs. We shall see how that ends up tonight (I will admit, I like the idea of the Cubs making it to the World Series, but I also worry that it might be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, of course). This afternoon we did some shopping, then my brother drove up from Macon and we all went out to dinner. Italian. Mmm...garlic rolls... A lovely time had by all.

Currently Reading: The Intracities anthology chapbook. Fine fiction from folks I know (but many I don't). Go buy a copy and you won't regret it.