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Sorry for the silence. Been wrestling with all things web, for work. The long and short of it is, I've been learning style sheets. Which also means I'll likely implement them in here sometime, so you all can look forward to a nicer space in here. No, I'm not committing to any kind of timeframe. Soon.

No writing responses to report, but a couple things of interest. The publishers for Path of the Just have a preview sampler in PDF out, to catch the interest of anyone thinking of buying the real deal. While my story wasn't included, my bio does show up. Also got my copy of Jason and Janet's chapbook Four Seasons in a Day. One of the sweetest chapbooks I've seen in quite a while.

No big plans otherwise, except to stay home tonight and give out candy. The best thing getting that job is that you can make sure you've got some left over...

Currently Reading: Praxis, Walter Jon Williams's space opera saga. Enjoying it tremendously.