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I Look To The Heavens And Am Mightily Confused. So What Else Is New?

Thanks to the scientific expertise of Lisa (not my Lisa, Greg van Eekhout's Lisa), I have learned that I have been living a lie.

It's true. I am not a Sagittarius. I am an Ophiuchus, which means that instead of a centaur archer, my astrological guide is a snake handler. Just like Jim "I am the Lizard King" Morrison.

>Hmm. They're setting off fireworks up the road, the echoes bouncing off the mountain. High school football game? Delayed 9-11 event? Weirdness from the country club? Whoever and whyever, they're scaring the cats.

Reading: Still reading Dreamer, but I paused long enough to read the exciting conclusion of Vol. II of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (at last! the secret of H-142 revealed!) and issue 2 of 1602, the Elizabethan alternate-world epic from Neil Gaiman. Big fun. Run right out and get them.