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Devil In The Details

Got the proofs for "Evening" back to the editor. I'm also organizing some manuscripts that need to be rounded up and shoved back out the door. They've been malingering a bit too long. Haven't written much in a few days, as have been busy at work. Among other things (namely lots of library instruction sessions, with more to come), I'm now the official webmaster for the library's web site. Frankly, it's a mess. On one hand, I'd like to get in there and clean up the coding, possibly even rearranging the whole structure. At least change to the look. But on the other hand, there's supposedly a new official university template due out in a couple weeks. Emphasis on the word "supposedly." So I'm torn, as my urge to tidy things up a bit wars with the natural response to not waste time fixing something that'll be thrown out anyway.

There's other news, of course: Lisa traded in her car for something a bit safer: a Nissan Murano. She's happy, except for the fact that a few of her coworkers seem to think she's somehow tricked me out of my own new car (I'm still driving our '94 Corolla). She hasn't. Lisa's mindcontrol powers are quite limited since I got my tinfoil beanie. Besides, her old car was little more than an aluminum envelope on wheels, designed for speeds you rarely reach in Atlanta traffic. And I'm just driving a few miles down the road to work, and you don't need much to make that trip. But it's sweet that they care. Or more likely I'm just a convenient excuse for them to tease her.

Just Read: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, the best-seller (thanks to Bill O'Reilly and Fox News) by Al Franken of SNL. Very funny, a bit depressing, and highly recommended. Note: despite the light tone of this book, it's quite clear that Franken is sincerely pissed off.