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Morning's email holds a 22 day rejection from ASIM. Called my story "a bit silly." It is and it's supposed to be. Seems that wasn't the selling point I'd hoped it would be. Hmm.

Spent most of yesterday trying to install a replacement sink sprayer. The old one decided Saturday evening that it had really always wanted to be a fountain. Very pretty, but not practical, as it no longer had an 'Off' switch. After a few hours of struggle with enigmatic directions and arcane tools, it's still not ready to go. Among other things, the directions left off a material needed to keep from turning your undersink into MildewLandTM! Such fun. Something to look forward to after work today. Otherwise, little to report.

Currently Reading: Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman, the tribute to the comic book legend on his 50th birthday. I didn't know that much about his personal life before now, and frankly, he's pretty trippy.