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The Wheels Of Publishing...

...grind slow but fine. The proofs for "Evening with the Minotaur" came via PDF this morning. A little late, but who's counting? At last, some action! Er, of sorts.

Since other fine folk have posted their Tor/WorldCon schedules, I thought I would as well. To whit:

  • Thursday: Go to work (late night), come home.

  • Friday: Go to work (Casual Friday! Whoo!), come home.

  • Saturday: Stay home.

  • Sunday: Stay home.

  • Monday: Have in-laws over for dinner at home.
Yep. That's about it. Oh, sure, it's not as jazzy as some, but still.

Recently Read: To the Nines, the latest Janet Evanovich book. Currently working on yet another Pratchett: Jingo.