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Prime Number

Ah, big day today: my and Lisa's anniversary. For those of you scoring along at home, that makes eleven years of legally wedded bliss, the three years prior being not so legal but just as blissful. Happy anniversary, sweetie. I'm very lucky to have had you putting up with my snoring all this time.

Last night went to the Ted and watched the Braves beat up on the Padres. My brother also came along as well a friend of Lisa's from the Big Orange and her husband (the friend's). Seats right behind home plate up above the press box but no foul balls came our way. Mmm, ballpark peanuts. Fun.

In more writerly news, finished up my contribution to Path of the Bold and got it mailed off today just in time. Of course, Path of the Just hasn't come out yet (think it's a printer issue), but still. Happened to run across the TOC the other day -- an interesting lineup of comic book people, RPGers, and miscellaneous folks (like me).