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The virus fest at work has finally abated. My thanks to those of you who expressed concern about my sanity. All is now well. Had to update all the computers twice, as MS's first offered patch didn't quite do the trick, but we now seem to be clean, clean, clean. Thank god. Until next time, at least. Someone tell me again how it is that Windows rules the computing world? Bribery? It sure ain't their security models.

Some writing news: a form no from Scifi.com, clocked at 64 days. Oh, and according to the Gender genie (via Gaiman), I write like a woman. At least in this journal. I'll have you all know I'm quite secure in my manhood, thank you very much (harumph, harumph).

Recently Read: Things sure to cheer me up: Michael Jantze's The Norm: The 12 Steps to Marriage; John Kovalic's Dork Covenant: the Collected Dork Tower vol. I; and Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards!. Now reading The Fifth Elephant, by same.