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August 28, 2003

The Wheels Of Publishing...

...grind slow but fine. The proofs for "Evening with the Minotaur" came via PDF this morning. A little late, but who's counting? At last, some action! Er, of sorts.

Since other fine folk have posted their Tor/WorldCon schedules, I thought I would as well. To whit:

  • Thursday: Go to work (late night), come home.

  • Friday: Go to work (Casual Friday! Whoo!), come home.

  • Saturday: Stay home.

  • Sunday: Stay home.

  • Monday: Have in-laws over for dinner at home.
Yep. That's about it. Oh, sure, it's not as jazzy as some, but still.

Recently Read: To the Nines, the latest Janet Evanovich book. Currently working on yet another Pratchett: Jingo.

August 25, 2003

Two In A Row

Hey, another rejection. Short personal from Weird Tales, at 56 days. Otherwise, nothing has changed from yesterday. Uh, come back later.

August 24, 2003


The virus fest at work has finally abated. My thanks to those of you who expressed concern about my sanity. All is now well. Had to update all the computers twice, as MS's first offered patch didn't quite do the trick, but we now seem to be clean, clean, clean. Thank god. Until next time, at least. Someone tell me again how it is that Windows rules the computing world? Bribery? It sure ain't their security models.

Some writing news: a form no from Scifi.com, clocked at 64 days. Oh, and according to the Gender genie (via Gaiman), I write like a woman. At least in this journal. I'll have you all know I'm quite secure in my manhood, thank you very much (harumph, harumph).

Recently Read: Things sure to cheer me up: Michael Jantze's The Norm: The 12 Steps to Marriage; John Kovalic's Dork Covenant: the Collected Dork Tower vol. I; and Terry Pratchett's Guards! Guards!. Now reading The Fifth Elephant, by same.

August 20, 2003

Re: Details of Your Application of Wicked Screensaver Are Kicking My Ass

I've come to the conclusion that only thing more maddening than dealing with a flood of Sobig spawned spam in my own mailbox is trying to make sure fifty odd public workstations aren't responsible contributing to it, while all the while snarling undergraduates nip at your ankles, trying to stop your virus check, just so they can add a class. A pox on all their houses!

Current Reading: Rolling Rock Extra Pale, by Latrobe Brewing Company.

August 18, 2003

Silvertongued Devils

A 151 day rejection from the folks at Zoetrope. Such nice rejections they send: such heavy paper, with such nice compliments written on it. Almost makes you forget they're saying "No." Almost. Also got (finally) the countersigned contracts for "Minotaur." Ah, maybe that's what's holding things up. One never knows.

August 15, 2003

Prime Number

Ah, big day today: my and Lisa's anniversary. For those of you scoring along at home, that makes eleven years of legally wedded bliss, the three years prior being not so legal but just as blissful. Happy anniversary, sweetie. I'm very lucky to have had you putting up with my snoring all this time.

Last night went to the Ted and watched the Braves beat up on the Padres. My brother also came along as well a friend of Lisa's from the Big Orange and her husband (the friend's). Seats right behind home plate up above the press box but no foul balls came our way. Mmm, ballpark peanuts. Fun.

In more writerly news, finished up my contribution to Path of the Bold and got it mailed off today just in time. Of course, Path of the Just hasn't come out yet (think it's a printer issue), but still. Happened to run across the TOC the other day -- an interesting lineup of comic book people, RPGers, and miscellaneous folks (like me).

August 11, 2003

Free Entertainment

Freebies for you: my poem "The Laundromat Advances the Plot" is now up on Strange Horizons for all to read (thanks for the heads up, Trey!).

Also, much more entertainingly, the latest episode of "Spiders," Patrick Farley's online comic on the Afghan War a la Harry Turtledove, is also finally out.

August 10, 2003

Life In A Nutshell

Work, eat, sleep, cuddle, amuse, clean house down to its component molecules. Not necessarily in that order. Some editorial response; yesterday brought a 120 day "pass without comment" from Asimov's, which only leaves Nine Overdue Editors. They lurk out on the fringes, out past the mailbox, behind an array of Internet routers. They're in no hurry to contact me. It's more fun for them to wait and see if I, too, am waiting. I am. I always am. The trick is to not let on, just dance the dance. And go write something else.

Currently Reading: Last Call by Tim Powers.

August 06, 2003

Humor (Alleged)

Mr. Brown was a writer, and he spent every day writing, turning out stories and book reviews and articles and other things, most of which he managed to sell, making a decent living. Decent enough, in fact, to hire a housekeeping service. The housekeeper had been working less than a week, however, when she came to Mr. Brown. "You pay me fifty dollars a week, sir."

"Yes," said Mr. Brown. "And I can't afford to pay you any more than that."

"I know," said the housekeeper. She looked at Mr. Brown, sitting in his chair, reading up on a subject for background to his next short story. "But I want to be fair. I'm willing to work for only forty dollars a week until you can get a job."

August 04, 2003


Another weekend come and gone, made marginally interesting only by the fact that we got a new bed. This is a very good thing, as our old bed was as hard as a board, sort of. Boards don't usually have springs sticking out of them. Oh, we tried softening it up with various forms of padding, but those eventually started poking us too (lousy feathers). Generally uncomfortable all around. So we broke down and bought a new bed, nice and comfy, with plenty of room for us and the cats. I've slept very well for the last two nights, and it's amazing what a difference in my attitude a couple decent nights sleep has made.

Currently Reading: Declare, the Tim Powers supernatural spy thriller. Tres cool.